Essential Joelle - Awakening Radiance Blends

A holistic oil series for the regeneration of your spirit

IN*QUIS*I*TIVE*NESS - Given to asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious.


Why is curiosity such a powerful motivator?

From a young age, we are told that we shouldn’t ask too many questions. That too much curiosity can put us in dangerous situations, be perceived as a weakness, or even be outright rude. As we grow older, this may translate into a fear of questioning things for the sake of sounding ignorant or intrusive.

What are some of the hallmarks of curious people?

  • They are natural learners.
  • They have more initiative.
  • And, they are problem solvers.

There is a saying that for some people it's more important to 'learn' than to 'look smart.' The drive for information fuels conversations, studies, hobbies and travels, and most importantly, the ability to recognize and admit when you don't know something. 


Curiosity makes you more tolerant of uncertainty, ‘the unknown’ does not frighten you, and you are not alarmed when faced with a problem or unsolved issue. This goes back to the desire for answers. If a curious person comes across a problem, it brings up multiple questions, such as: “What caused the problem?” and “How can I fix it?”

When you indulge your curiosity you discover a vast realm of information about yourself and the world around you. For these reasons, never be afraid to ask questions. Delve into the curious part of your consciousness and start using it as a strategic asset.

Curiosity and daily reflection are twin weapons in your arsenal of success. Learn how to master the art of reflection to fuel your life.

Are you ready to get CURIOUS about yourself?


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein



The Awakening Radiance Series of essential oil blends are:

  • Catalysts to igniting long dormant gifts, and
  • Affirmations of your unique powers and talents.

Each synergy is specifically crafted with the intent of unlocking and revealing a facet of your innate brilliance within the realms of Body, Speech and Mind.

Consider this an inward journey fueled by curiosity, love, and the idea of rekindling a friendship with an old friend ... Your True Self.



PURE GRACE ~ A Blend for Authentic Presence

The First Level of Curiosity: BODY

What do we mean by "Grace"?

Elegant swans on a pond or beautiful ballerinas come to mind. Or perhaps charming people who embody Beauty in body, form and expression.

Spiritual texts refer to 'Grace' as a gift of the highest order. Grace, as the English translation of the Greek word 'charis', means "that which brings delight, joy, happiness, or good fortune". From Latin (gratia and the derivative of gratus) we add the qualities of "favor, pleasing, kindness, and esteem."


I believe Grace is something we ALL possess, a quality, talent or energy as unique as a fingerprint.

Energy equally subtle as a soft breeze and powerfully centered as the mighty oak.

In our rush to move from childhood to adulthood, most of us forget how truly limitless and gifted we are.


Let us kindle the memories that delight our soul.

Connect with and stand confidently strong in our power.

And, let us gently bring forth our innate magnificence for all to see.





CLEAR SIGHT ~ A Blend for Focus & Insight

The Second Level of Curiosity: SPEECH

Just imagine, we have approximately 50,000 thoughts that run through our heads daily. Those thoughts may be conscious or subconscious but they enter the mind nonetheless and can make us feel indecisive, anxious, and a tad exhausted at any given time. As we evolve and discover ourselves, we come to know our wants, needs, and desires.

The indecisiveness gives way to decisiveness and everything becomes more clear. 'Clarity' becomes our friend.

And the thing is, once you have that insight, things will flow into place. You still need to take the action, but having clarity allows you to move forward in one way or the other. With focus you are no longer stuck.

Honing this type of awareness is important, and once you activate it, navigating life becomes easier.

Clarity is to come out of the darkness of confusion and into the space of awareness.

Clarity allows you to make whatever you want happen. To create space in the mind: BE still. BE calm. BE open.

 I call upon the resources of my mind,

And the inspiration of spirit

So I may speak with the voice of wisdom.