Custom Oil Blends

Essential Joëlle

This is your invitation to experience Essential Joëlle bespoke creations and blends.

A special collection usually reserved for private consultations and always crafted with reverence, love and joy.



Each batch of Essential Joëlle synergies is an inspired masterpiece, handcrafted with the highest organic and natural ingredients seasonally available.
Blended and harmonized with an eye toward an attention to detail, these selections are limited in quantity and availability.


SYN * ER * GY - The interaction or cooperation of two or more agents, factors or substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their individual and separate effects.


 "For as long as I can remember my highly developed sensory skills have been equal partners with my endless imagination and creativity.

Like most, I gather information from my physical senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch; but when paired with my 'mental sense' of imaginative vision .... Ah! This is where the storytelling and magic is born."

"Every creation is attuned to a specific purpose and goal. The layered details of these inspirations are interwoven to create a rich story with all the brilliance of a multi-faceted gemstone.

These moments of transformative manifestation are each unique explorations calling into play the gamut of wisdom gleaned from experience, studies, and fascination, to the more subtle influences of intuition, feelings evoked, memories brought forward and the sheer joyous passion that comes from my heart."


Awakening Radiance Blends



The Awakening Radiance Series of essential oil blends are:

  • Catalysts to igniting long dormant gifts, and
  • Affirmations of your unique powers and talents.

Each synergy is specifically crafted with the intent of unlocking and revealing a facet of your innate brilliance within the realms of Body, Speech and Mind.

Consider this an inward journey fueled by curiosity, love, and the idea of rekindling a friendship with an old friend ... Your True Self.

Are you ready to explore and ignite about your radiance for all to see? READ MORE



Nangpa: A Journey of Transformation


Proprietary blends inspired by Tibetan Buddhist yoga, Nangpa is a collection of exclusive formulas that nurture the yogas of body and mind, and support a balanced state of meditation.

Each is a proprietary combination of therapeutic grade essential oils that:

  • Activate the inner alchemy of subtle energies,
  • Support summary healing, and
  • Reinforce a harmonic recalibration of body and mind.

Each synergy is associated with a particular style of Tibetan movement and meditation.


Are you ready to embark upon your journey of inner transformation? YES!


Personalized Essential Joëlle Creations



Contact Joelle to arrange a consultation.

We will discuss your specific request, or the co-creation of an exclusive formulation, and sort out the possibilities to determine the most purposeful blend for your intentions.

Custom synergies can also be used for gifts, product launches and image branding, in addition to being powerful vehicles for personal growth and transformation!

Individual and Corporate accounts.