HURIT - JK Handcrafted Leather

HURIT [ syll. hu-rit ] In Native American, means Beautiful (Algonquin)


My leather designs are created to:

  • Elicit the keenest stirrings of pleasure in your senses,
  • Activate strong emotions through your awareness, and
  • Thoughtfully excite your relationship with the practicalities of Form and Function.
Beauty is available to us everywhere and there is no reason why even the most 'ordinary and useful' items can't be reflections of an innately inspired elegance, gracefully curated by a Master artisan fully adept at an exquisite level of luxury craftsmanship.


I thoughtfully chose the name HURIT to embody the intent and energy that I pour into each creation, from inspiration to manifestation. I hope you enjoy and can appreciate the irresistible allure of this sensuous and rousing collection that is just revealing itself now to the public.

As a longtime designer of couture and luxury clothing, this is not something that just 'came up' last week. However, making this available to the public, in a manner that encourages a taste of creative license IS.

I offer you access and invite you to explore a carefully selected range of high quality ingredients. This is MY exciting opportunity to share with some of you who have long been curious about the vast possibilities of custom designs.

My designs meet the requirements of Form in their structure, and Function in their purpose, but what I do best is to imbue them with Beauty, making each a sensory stimulating treat for body and mind.