EJ: Awakening Radiance ~ Body: Pure Grace


Vibrant. Crisp. Uplifting. Confident.

These are the initial reactions to this uniquely energetic Essential Joëlle holistic blend.

Elegant. Grounded. Serene. Creative.

Your body and thoughts flow freely and with ease.

First in the Awakening Radiance Series of essential oil blends, Pure Grace is a transformative synergy of vitality, inner power, and presence; the domains of the Solar Plexus and Root chakras.




Legend has it the secrets of the soul are so deeply buried that they cannot correct our illusion of who we think we are. Vetiver helps us to awaken those secrets and holds us steady through the process of remembrance.

Known as the Oil of Centering & Descent, Vetiver weaves a feeling of calm even when chaos reigns.


Gentle, soothing Marjoram brings peace and quiet to the senses and mind. We can seek shelter in the space between thoughts and in doing so better hear the voice within.

The Oil of Connection's focus is to reveal our unique inner spark and creativity.


A bright and fresh quality is the hallmark of the Oil of Integrity. Coriander supports the decision to honor 'Self' by stirring the courage to celebrate our special talents. Personal integrity is strengthened whenever we live, speak, and act authentically.

Coriander shows us that each person has their own song - a gift meant to be shared with the world.


The Oil of Truth is elevating, spiritual, meditative, and holds the wisdom of the ages.

An ancient oil revered for its powerful qualities of spiritual awakening, Frankincense is also adaptogenic - meaning it will adapt to each person's spiritual and energetic state of being to offer support in a wide range of circumstances.

Frankincense ushers in light and truth as it cuts through illusion and negativity.


Pink Pepper stimulates the mind and is both energizing and protective. Its greatest strength lies in bolstering the determination to take actions or to move forward when swift decisions are necessary. Unlike Black Pepper, Pink has a more floral or fruity quality which is experienced as uplifting and refreshing when combined with other oils.

Pink Pepper is also known as Peruvian Mastic, a thorny tree revered by the Incas as the Tree of Life.

OTHER ELEMENTS: Peridot, Garnet, Herkimer Quartz, Pink Himalayan Salt & Rose Petals.

CARRIER OIL: Fractionated Coconut Oil.


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Category: Alchemy, Essential Joelle, Oil Blend

Type: Oil Blend