EJ: Awakening Radiance ~ Speech: Clear Sight


Clarity. Stillness. Concentration. Activation. Integration. Communication.

These are the initial reactions to this uniquely energetic Essential Joëlle holistic blend.

Movement. Inspiration. Action. Breaking Through and Taking Flight. Carpe Diem!

Strength of mind is awakened with a burst of focused determination. Distractions fall to the side and ideas come forward with ease. An active mind is a conduit for communication.

Second in the Awakening Radiance series of essential oil blends, Clear Sight fosters lucidity and strength of mind. When we can think and see clearly, we speak effectively; the domains of the Throat and Third Eye chakras.




Known as the Oil of Clarity and Vision, Clary Sage invites us to use our inner eye to develop the gift of discernment. An invitation 'to see' clearly inside and outside ourselves.

The primary effect is the opening of creative channels for clear perspective and succinct movement through indecision.


Lemon dispels fatigue, negativity and mental congestion. A strongly purifying scent that supports physical immunity as it engages and uplifts the mind.

You may experience increased energy, alertness, joy and honed thoughts. No wonder Lemon is called the Oil of Focus.


Cedarwood offers the grounding and support needed to tackle the task of cutting through mental overwhelm. It is especially effective at targeting and clearing energetic blocks and instilling a sense of balance.

Message: Allow and accept support so you can be open to receive messages.


Bergamot loves to plant the seeds of optimism and confidence. Its aroma is both uplifting and relaxing with a definite sense of being present in each moment.

When we create a sense of comfort and trust, we release the grip of 'the unknowns' that overwhelm and paralyze the mind. Only then can we organize our thoughts.


The Oil of Motion and Flow, Cypress effectively moves your energy and ushers in fluidity, flexibility, and ultimately personal growth.

There is a satisfying and cathartic result to getting out of your own way and trusting the flow!


It takes courage to open the mind. Courage to 'see' opportunities as they arise and more courage to allow your imagination and creativity flow without limitations.

This is how the Oil of Empowerment keeps us present and engaged. Power and movement.


The energy of grounded wisdom keeps us from getting lost in our heads. The process of stilling the mind doesn't always come easily and the Oil of Mother Earth steps in to anchor the task.

Traditionally used for its wound healing properties, it is the energy of deep wisdom that facilitates a meditative state and opens access to the deeper levels of intuition and vision.

OTHER ELEMENTS: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Moonstone & Pink Himalayan Salt.

CARRIER OIL: Fractionated Coconut Oil.


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Category: Alchemy, Essential Joelle, Oil Blend

Type: Oil Blend