EJ: The 5 Elements Collection - Tila Bead Designs


The five elements (earth, fire, water, wind & space) are the essential components of everything that exists.

The Five Elements Bracelets are individually handcrafted by master beaders and are exclusive Joelle Kelly designs specially commissioned to coordinate with the Tibetan Five Elements classes and teacher educations.

There are designs that represent all of the elements in one bracelet, and single element bracelets that can be worn alone or grouped as you wish.

  • White: Space - Transforms the negative energy of Miserliness into Equanimity
  • Yellow: Earth - Transforms the negative energy of Ego into Calmness
  • Red: Fire - Transforms the negative energy of Anger into Compassion
  • Blue: Water - Transforms the negative energy of Attachment into Selflessness
  • Green: Wind - Transforms the negative energy of Jealousy into Love

We work with elemental energies by harnessing their unique qualities to create a state of harmony and balance in body and mind.

There are many cultures with practices based upon an understanding of elemental theory ... studies in movement, massage, meditation, medicine, diet ... you name it!

These one-of-a-kind bracelets are a perfect way to connect with Nature, calibrate your subtle life force, and initiate inner alchemy and transformation.

Elemental alchemy is as easy to incorporate into your life as this!


Tila glass beads are a newer concept in design and creativity. They have a unique and distinctive style characterized by having two parallel holes instead of the usual one.

Their flat shapes, whether rectangular or square, resemble tiles (hence the name 'Tila') with a slightly curved top and edge. They easily coordinate with the more traditional bead designs.

The handmade Tila Bracelets have three options:

  • A Single Multi-Element design
  • A Single-Element design
  • A Bundle of 5 Single-Element Bracelets

Comfortable flat styling - width 3/16"

Adjustable square knot closures - circumference 6 1/4" to 8 1/4"

Unisex designs - Special Sizing available by custom order.


These beauties are in stock and available in limited supply.

When a particular style is sold out a Wait List will be made for the next launch date if you request to be notified.

The nature of all artisan work requires time and a special attention to quality and details. I only work with artisans I actually know and trust - real people with names and lives - who respect the traditional methods of exquisite handwork and have the highest intentions and respect for fellow creators.

If you have a specific event or date in mind please coordinate with me ASAP as delivery times are affected by seasonal workloads.

I am always thrilled to take custom orders where we co-create bespoke designs for individuals and special events.