21 Days of Mindfulness

MINDFULNESS: A Countdown to the Winter Solstice
Dec 1 - 21, 2020 || FREE

21 Days of Basic Mindfulness culminating on the Winter Solstice

Prompts can be found on Instagram or delivered via email.
Length of commitment: 21 days
#21mindfulcountdown || @joelle_kelly_learn

Who is this Mindfulness Countdown for?
Anyone looking to add some calm introspection into their daily life.
Perhaps you feel the need to be more present for yourself?
There is no right or wrong with this exercise, simply some mindful insights at a time of year that can hit us like Mack trucks.

If you do not want an email, the daily prompts will also be posted @joelle_kelly_learn on Instagram.

Do you need to check in with me?
No. You can keep a journal, or not. It's entirely up to you.

You can also share your reflections, at any time over the course of this mindfulness exercise, by using the hashtag #21mindfulcountdown and tagging @joelle_kelly_learn in your post or story.


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