Teacher Training Programs

There is an old saying, “The teacher leads you to the gate, but only you, by your own effort, can pass through.”

The leap from beginner to seasoned practitioner can take time, practice and motivation. The transition into the role of a certified instructor requires an even deeper understanding and connection with the lineages.

The teachings of Tibetan Buddhism live on in rich detail because of the tradition of ‘lineage.’ Knowledge is passed on, or transmitted, primarily through the student-teacher relationship. This connects one to the ancient wisdom seamlessly, preserving it from generation to generation.
Over the last few years, Tibetan healing movement has been spreading rapidly as people discover the benefits of these special practices. North America has very few certified teachers to meet this demand.
Tulku Lobsang has developed an education and certification system to support the growth of the Tibetan movement lineages while preserving their authenticity and quality intact. By offering a comprehensive system for developing Teachers and Educators, the worldwide community is strongly connected as we honor and respect our students, the teachings and Tulku Lobsang.

All potential teachers must complete this certification process to receive official recognition by Nangten Menlang International and Tulku Lobsang to teach in his lineage. TEACHER PROGRAM POLICIES.
Joelle Kelly is one of only three Educators in North America certified to organize Teacher Educations in the Lu Jong & Tog Chod lineages.

Lu Jong Teacher Training

Tibetan 5 Elements Practices Teacher Training

Tog Chod Teacher Training

If you are interested in becoming a certified Lu Jong or Tog Chod Teacher please contact Joelle to get started.