Policies of Nangten Menlang Teacher Certification Programs

Details & Policies of NMI Teacher Certification Programs

  • Registration for enrollment in any Teacher Certification Program is with Nangten Menlang, International (NMI). When you register, you notify them of your choice of Movement Lineage and Educator, and submit payment to them. The Education portion of the training is paid directly to the Educator (Joelle Kelly).
  • Completion of the Training means you are officially certified to teach by NMI and Tulku Lobsang.
  • Joelle Kelly is authorized by NMI to prepare potential teachers in the lineages of Lu Jong Level 1 and Tog Chod.
  • These lineages are strongly based upon the principles of Tibetan Medicine and connected with Tibetan Buddhism. An understanding of key aspects of Buddhist philosophy is fundamental and is covered as part of the curriculum.
  • Buddhism refers to the application of methods to better understand the nature of our mind, body and phenomena. People of all religions, ages and abilities are welcome to join the training.
  • As part of the course, you will be given a Teacher's Manual. Please respect that this is copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced or shared.
  • You MUST attend both the Training and the Final Certification to receive your certificate to teach.
  • The certification events are organized by NMI in North America and Europe. At this time, only the North American Lu Jong event permits attendance via computer. There is NO online option for the Tog Chod event. There are NO online options for European events.
  • Registration and payments for certification events are made directly to the organization.
  • To attend certification events it is necessary to have Joelle Kelly's judgement that you have successfully completed all of the requirements of the Training. You need to have taken the written exam at least once, and if you don't pass, you can take it again after the certification event. The online written exam is organized through the organization.
  • No additional fess are required for the training exams.
  • You MUST pass the practical and written exams to receive your certificate to teach.
  • In order to maintain a valid Teacher's Certificate, it is necessary to attend a Renewal event after two years, and every four years after the first renewal. The Renewals are held concurrently with the certification events and are organized by NMI.

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