What are some students saying? 

"The experience of learning and working with Joelle was wonderful. The coaching, encouragement and format provided was very well organized. We had to adjust to the online experience and adapt (Covid-19) and that has provided us with the confidence to be able to do the same as we progress to being teachers of this practice (Lu Jong). Joelle was professional, informative, giving, kind and put her heart and soul into the training. I would highly recommend Joelle for anyone interested in learning or experiencing these practices."

Corri B. (Canada)


"Joelle Kelly is a masterful educator. Her pedagogical methods are consummately compassionate. She understands the learning process from the student's viewpoint (self-doubt and fear). Therefore she continually instills confidence that the student will assuredly come to a thorough understanding of the study materials with time and patience (self-compassion)."

Maria C. (USA)


"Extremely satisfied! I've done both Lu Jong and Tog Chod with Joelle. She has the gift of making the unknown accessible. There is no judgement just joy of experiencing and learning. Thank you Joelle!"

Susan L. (USA)


"Joelle is very welcoming and friendly. Being that this is the first time I've taken a Lu Jong class and taking a class like this virtually, Joelle makes it easy to follow along and is very informative. Even though I have not been to a physical class with Joelle, through the virtual classes she has made me feel like a part of the group. Extremely satisfied!"

Gary J. (USA)


"I have worked with Joelle for several years now and she has had a positive influence on my physical health and has encouraged and supported growth in the course of our Lu Jong classes together. I find her both intuitive and sensitive at bringing the student along from where they are at. I would Highly recommend Joelle."

Vicky S. (USA)


"I had the pleasure of meeting Joelle by taking her Lu Jong class in Quogue. Aside from the helpful skills she taught me, she is one of the kindest, open people I have ever met. I truly enjoyed spending time with her. I also enjoyed her virtual classes during the pandemic. She is creative and always willing to try new things. Sheis my idea of a wonderful spiritual person. I cannot thank her enough for the support she gave me during a difficult time in my life. We always found a reason to smile."

Janet F. (USA)


"Working with Joelle is a joy. She brings incomparable experience from her practices straight into the class and somehow, is able to pass what she knows onto you in a manner that is gentle, fun, and extremely comprehensive. I was a bit intimidated by all of the steps and facets of the practices she teaches, but her down to earth approach is always inviting and never intimidating. She makes it easy and joyous to learn the many little finitudes of the practices she brings to her students. Her laugh lights up the room and she never comes off as knowing more than you, even though she KNOWS. A fantastic teacher through and through!"

Craig J. (USA)


"Sword lessons are good in Montauk. Lots of repetition and room to move about. Practice is difficult as I'm only able to remember the moves for a few days after the lessons, then I start to forget. Plus, virtually no room to practice in NYC apt."

Ann C. (USA)