Online Studies

Virtual Learning in the privacy and comfort of your home.


Experience ancient healing practices in your home. These teachings carry deep healing wisdom beneficial to the health and well-being of your body and mind. 

All ONLINE meetings take place on ZOOM

Online Movement & Meditation Sessions vary in length, please read individual descriptions for details. If you have a specific request DO send it in! I am happy to organize specialized classes for individuals and groups.

Limited In-Person Availability for ALL options.



Online Class Descriptions:

 > Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga - 1-1/4 Hour Lu Jong Practice

Practice the complete set of Lu Jong movements in a single session:

  • The Five Elements
  • The Five Body Parts
  • The Five Vital Organs
  • The Six Conditions
  • Additional support movements


 > Tibetan 5 Elements Practices - 1 Hour Class

Explore some of the techniques to bring elemental energies into balance:

  • Nine Breaths Exercise
  • Kum Nye 5 Elements Massage
  • Lu Jong 5 Elements Movements
  • Mindfulness-based 5 Elements Meditation
  • Relaxation Positions


Learn more about Lu Jong
> Lu Jong Focus on Movements - 45 Minute Class


Explore the Groups of Lu Jong 1 Movements:

  • The Five Body Parts
  • The Five Vital Organs
  • The Six Conditions

Learn more about Lu Jong


 > Bespoke Studies Program

  • Tog Chod Level 1: 3 or 6 Session options
  • Lu Jong 2: 3 or 6 Session options

 > Radiant Wellness Essential Private Classes

Meditation, Movement and Learning to restore balance and calm:

Learn more about the Radiant Wellness series


 > Shiné: Tibetan Shamatha Meditation Instruction

Learn the the basics of Tibetan calm abiding meditation.

  • Live Zoom classes meet once a week, for 3 or 4 Sessions
  • Options: Custom Private and Group Trainings

Learn more about Shiné Meditation



 Lessons that progress at your pace

Please contact Joelle to confirm the availability of your preferred date and time for ALL PRIVATE sessions.

We can co-create a specialized curriculum or you can make your selection from the classes listed HERE


We have re-formatted our traditional Tibetan Lu Jong Teacher Education to incorporate live online instruction.
As public safety permits, we will also offer blended (online and in-person) and complete in person Teacher Educations..
All formats successfully meet the training requirements for certification as a teacher in this lineage.

At this time, the Online Lu Jong Teacher Education offers two training formats:
    • LJNY's Signature Foundational 140 Hour Teacher Certification Program (2021 Trainings are in session and closed to new registrants, please CONTACT us for the available 2021/22 program dates)


      A Teacher Education on a select variety of Tibetan Practices rooted in the 5 Elements:

      > TOG CHÖD TEACHER TRAINING - Limited Availability

      Very limited scheduling but if you are interested in becoming a certified Wisdom Sword Teacher CONTACT Joelle to arrange a Zoom talk!


      It's an honor and privilege to share these teachings with you. Thank you!