Lu Jong Healing Yoga

 In Tibetan, ‘Lu’ means body and ‘Jong’ means training or transformation.

When we practice Lu Jong we use our physical body as a tool to instigate a transformation, or change, for the purpose of becoming more healthy, flexible, calm and focused.

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About Lu Jong

Lu Jong is a generic term equivalent to 'exercise' or 'yoga' in English, and like all schools of yoga, the primary goal is to work with our bodies and minds for a net result of greater health and happiness.

This ancient Tibetan movement practice, similar to qi gong, is comprised of a series of basic body movements done in conjunction with rhythmic breathing.

The knowledge has been transmitted directly from master to student primarily by means of oral teachings and is deeply rooted in Tantrayana Buddhist, Bon (the indigenous shamanic tradition of Tibet) and Tibetan medicine teachings.

The origins of Lu Jong date as far back as 8,000 years. The sequences were developed for the purposes of self-healing and as preparation for higher spiritual studies. A regular practice will have a profound effect on the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Lu Jong helps to strengthen the immune system, create mental clarity, balance frayed emotions, and re-activate internal energy.

On a more subtle level, this is a practice of turning inward and exploring ourselves. The continuous movement of the body quiets the mind as we focus on tuning in to what and how we are feeling, thus pausing the stream of distracting thoughts.

This is known as a style of Moving Meditation.

The Lu Jong practice was also born of necessity. Monks who lived in the remoter areas of Tibet needed to keep their bodies healthy. Drawing from observations of the natural environment, and a knowledge of Tibetan medicine, Buddhist yogis developed the practice of Lu Jong. Most people are not aware that there is a tradition of physical movements within Tibetan Buddhism. This is a spiritual practice.

In the west, we do not fully understand that the health of the physical body depends upon the health of the subtle body. We have 72,000 subtle body channels and every day we lose some of these. They become brittle, twisted and blocked, and this is the process of aging.

Due to our ignorance, we break even more channels through wrong behavior, wrong movement or wrong diet. This not only negatively affects our body systems, overall health, and energy levels, but it also affects our mind. When the channels are blocked, the wind-energy doesn’t flow. And when the wind-energy doesn’t flow, the mind doesn’t flow.

We stay locked in habitual thinking patterns, narrow-mindedness and a lack of concentration. The precise combination of Form, Movement and Breath place (and release) gentle pressure on particular points of the body, very similar to acupressure, whilst quieting the mind so you are able to focus your attention inward. This unique formula works on all dimensions of the human body.

Benefits of Lu Jong

Physical Level - Combat Disease

The most immediate effect is experienced in your overall physical health and body awareness.
With regular practice there is an increase of strength, endurance, and most importantly a resistance to diseases.

Metabolic and cellular processes are balanced, senses are heightened, and a general appearance of health glows from within.

The primary area of attention is the spine and its mobility because it is connected to all the other parts of our body. Good spinal health means a strong support system for the body, good posture and good flow of energy.

The Spine is truly the Guardian of our well-being.
Mental Level - Mental Clarity

Body and Mind are synchronized, and by focusing on our movements, we are in fact practicing a type of meditation. Very much a mindfulness practice without sitting still!

The mind is able to become calm because we are concentrating on the present moment; in doing so we begin to feel more stable and confident. Imagine feeling aware and connected with each experience as it unfolds, not galloping off somewhere to the list of things to do for the rest of the day.

All of this is accomplished by controlling HOW we breathe as we move.

Our Breath is the Bridge between the Body and the Mind.
Energetic Level - Increased Vitality

As we release and open our body, and as the mind settles into a greater sense of ease and equilibrium, energy flows more efficiently within.

We FEEL more healthy and in tune with ourselves. The experience is very much one of inner spaciousness and relaxation, an opening of our hearts and minds ultimately bringing us a little closer to our Innate Wisdom.

To have a Supple Mind ... you need a Supple Body.


Study Lu Jong

The extensive benefits of Lu Jong happen as a result of the opening, or unblocking, of the chakras and channels of the body.

This is achieved by the repetition of simple movements coordinated with the breath. The practice is meant to be a foundational, self-healing tool and has a direct effect upon the activation of inner energy, the increase of physical and mental strength, and the cultivation of a calm state of mind.

We specify this form as being in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang because he was the first to adapt and simplify these movements, for the greatest ease of learning, without the loss of any of the healthful benefits they are meant to impart.

You will learn a concise set of movements carefully selected from years of studies with Masters of the different Tibetan Buddhist lineages and Tulku Lobsang's knowledge of Tibetan Medicine. The practice is accessible to all people regardless of age, ability or philosophy.


Certified Lu Jong Teacher Education Programs



Lu Jong has two levels of practice and a total of 38 movements. The movements are organized into several groups according to their benefits. They are considered to be the core preparations for deeper Tibetan studies.

Lu Jong Level I

The 23 movements studied at this level are focused on Healing and Balance. They are uncomplicated and introspective for the purpose of initiating the 'training of the body and mind'.

We learn how to bring our attention to 'feeling' the movements, inside and out, thus bringing our awareness into the present moment. Lu Jong Level 1 is divided into four primary groups:

  • The Five Elements Movements
  • The Five Body Parts Movements
  • The Five Vital Organ Movements
  • The Six Common Conditions Movements
  • And Two Movements for Sleep and Wakefulness

The Five Elements Movements are sufficient to be a stand alone practice or can be a part of a larger regimen. All of the poses naturally flow from one to the next, so it is best to do them in order within each group.

Lu Jong Level II

Diving into a greater exploration of Lu Jong Yoga, the 15 Level 2 movements are a journey into deeper levels of healing.

The idea is that we 'Grow into our Practice' so now there is a strong focus on Strength and Vitality. Lu Jong Level 2 is divided into three groups with very specific benefits:

  • Movements to increase Resistance to Disease
  • Movements to Reduce Pain in Specific Parts of the Body
  • Movements to Increase Strength & Power of Body and Mind

In sum, Lu Jong is a profoundly beneficial practice that helps to jump start and support our overall well being. We learn how to shift our focus toward a greater body awareness as we activate and restore balance to our flow of energy.

 With Lu Jong you will plant the seeds for strength, stability and happiness.