About Joelle


Joelle Kelly is a charismatic and motivated certified Yoga and Tibetan movement Educator.

She has the unique ability to connect with students in a genuinely warm and grounded manner. A student and teacher of Forrest inspired vinyasa, her certifications also include specialized studies in the teaching and training of teachers in Tibetan movement practices.

Joyfully outgoing and focused upon improving the health and wellness of the body and mind, Joelle is committed to meeting each student at their level of comfort and experience for the purpose of long term health and happiness.

Joelle’s belief in maintaining a strong, healthy body manifests in as gentle and non-invasive a manner as possible. Her experience draws from a wide range of studies and an interest in working with the energies of the subtle body, herbs, meditation and other traditional non-Western modalities.

Born into an ancestral fusion of Asian and Cherokee traditions, the healing arts, movement, and introspective philosophies form the core of who she is today.

An appreciation for the interconnection of body and mind was instilled from age three when first exposed to yoga and encouraged to meditate. Actually, most of the time she fell asleep... but it marked the planting of the seeds for a regular meditation and yoga practice.

Awareness deepened with extensive Buddhist studies: Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong, Calligraphy, Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tummo and Tog Chod. Mainstream studies include languages, music, strength training, Pilates, and dance (especially Flamenco).

A childhood in southern Spain eventually led to several years teaching in her own NYC dance school.

Joelle’s 35+ year career practicing the art of creating luxury and upscale clothing reflects her view of the human form as an expression of ultimate elegance in motion.

A year round resident of the Hamptons, successful entrepreneur and mother of four, Joelle’s uniquely combined experiences afford her the ability to work with a style of her own – comfortable both in and out of the box.