Lu Jong Education Details

About the Lu Jong Teacher Education

Taught by NMI certified Educator Joelle Kelly, the program is designed to transpire over a minimum of 14 days, strategically scheduled to encourage a deep connection with the movements and the rich context of the teachings that support them.

Private trainings offer the greatest flexibility for studies as the location and format of study dates are organized to accommodate personal schedules.

In all cases, the pace will be such as to permit time to study and fully absorb the content in body and mind. This training is much more than learning 'choreography' and memorizing the names of movements.

The Curriculum encompasses the complete set of 23 Lu Jong Level 1 Movements and the comprehensive full Lu Jong Manual (340 pages)
Specific topics that will be covered:
  • The History of Lu Jong
  • The Benefits of Lu Jong
  • Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Overview of Tibetan Medicine
  • The Lu Jong Practice & Modifications
  • Additional Practices to Support Lu Jong
  • Pedagogic Tools and Marketing Guidance
  • The Opportunity to Apply for Mentoring with Joelle Kelly
After Certification you will receive:
  • Official listing as a Certified Teacher on the international Lu Jong Website ( and receive ongoing organization support, information and updates.
  • The possibility to promote yourself on the NMI Lu Jong website, where interested people can search for certified teachers.
  • Clear guidelines on Teaching Policies to preserve the quality and integrity of the practice.
  • A personal page and official personal email address ( on the international website.
  • Access to and permission to use the licensed material of NMI, including logos, advertising materials, teaching handouts, and certain images and graphics.
  • Continued as available access to Joelle Kelly into the future.
  • An official certificate confirming your certification and permission to teach Lu Jong in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche.
Steps to becoming a Lu Jong Teacher:
  • Registration - Apply to study with NMI certified Lu Jong Educator Joelle Kelly, and if accepted, register into the Teacher Education program.
  • Education - Attend and complete the Lu Jong Teacher Training program.
  • Exams - You are required to demonstrate a satisfactory understanding of the material by means of practical and written exams. The practical exam places focus upon the movements and your ability to share and teach the lineage clearly. The online, written exam addresses the theories and foundations of Lu Jong (an open book test). These exams are a part of your training and take place under the guidance of your Educator, Joelle Kelly.
  • Final Certification - The last step where you receive the direct transmission from Tulku Lobsang in addition to deepening your understanding of Lu Jong and your role as a teacher. You will also receive your Teaching Certificate. This is an annual online event where you participate from your computer over the course of a 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sun).
  • This is NOT an exam but an opportunity to connect with other Lu Jong teachers, meet Tulku Lobsang and receive his blessing, and learn how Lu Jong fits into a deeper path of true health and well-being.
  • You will receive TWO certificates, one as a Lu Jong Level 1 Teacher, and another as a Tibetan Five Elements Practices Teacher. Each classification has its own certification logo.
  • Renewals - Teaching Certificates do not have expiration dates. However, all teachers are encouraged to attend a Master Class event when possible as this ensures the staying up to date with modifications and the strengthening of their connection with Tulku Lobsang, the practice, and each other. Teachers receive certificates in Advanced Lu Jong studies for their participation.

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