Tog Chod Wisdom Sword

In Tibetan, 'Tog' means thought and 'Chöd' means to cut.

When we practice Tog Chöd we seek to quiet our mind and access our inner wisdom, this is why the practice is also called the Dance of the Wisdom Sword.

Tog Chöd is a powerful, dynamic practice based on traditional Yaman monk dances and Kalachakra movements. It has strong foundations in Tibetan Buddhist Tantrayana teachings. It is a method of inner transformation based on a combination of physical and mental trainings.

There are no enemies outside ourselves.

Working with the Sword allows us to transform anger, and other negative emotions, into a state of mental clarity. But ... What does this mean?

It means a clear and calm mind is a mind that is fully present, in the moment, without thoughts or distractions. THIS is the ultimate goal of such a unique personal meditation practice.

Tog Chöd encourages us to tap deeply within to connect with, and harness, our inner guidance and power. The choreography of decisive movements and flowing sword play are symbolic of 'cutting' through indecision, cluttered thinking and wheel spinning.

We need to be brave to be in the present moment.

We come to experience a sense of freedom, self-confidence and courage. Empowerments that help us to make decisions from a place of precision, awareness and clarity.

The Wisdom Sword helps us to realize how with focus and awareness, and being present with each moment, we can stop struggling with the external world and learn to create our own reality. In effect, you are honing the tools necessary to take charge of and change your life.

This is a mindfulness practice rooted in movement.

Mentally, the discipline teaches us how to step out of dramas and enter into an active state of mindfulness. Tog Chod gives us new methods to defuse stress and to calm the mind without ever having to sit on a meditation cushion.

Tog Chöd is also a fun and energizing physical practice. The movements are expansive and strong with plenty of opportunity to work up a healthy glow. Tulku Lobsang himself developed Tog Chöd in direct response to the needs of the modern world. It is a practice to release us from self limiting thoughts and actions.

The Sword symbolizes our own innate Wisdom.

Wielding this sword we cut through our conceptual mind - that part of us that is always labeling, judging, tweaking and in charge of 'theme music' for every action we take. The conceptual mind is the 'normal, every day' mind aspect we use to survive in life, that strives to help and protect us, but is ultimately mistaken about the way in which reality exists.

When we cut through our thoughts of fear and expectations that keep us from moving forward in positives, we transform our negative emotions into the fuel we need to begin to change ourselves. We only need to decide to do it.


I have no experience ... can I do this? Yes!!

  • You will learn new methods to confidently manage your response to stress
  • You will learn a dynamic, energetic, healthy way to blow off steam
  • You will increase your self-confidence, dexterity, and courage
  • You will hone your ability to make quick, clear decisions
  • You will have FUN ... and have something totally cool to talk about at the water cooler!
We do this with the Sword as our fulcrum using three simple tools:
  • Breath work
  • The Methodology of Focus
  • Choreographed Movement