Mindfulness in Daily Life (Book)

There is one solution for all problems. Whether we are having issues with our relationships, health, job, or experiencing a general lack of joy in life, mindfulness is the answer.

When we develop mindfulness, we blossom in this present moment. And being aware in the present gives us the power to change our entire life.

The solution might be simple, but not necessarily easy.

This is why Tulku Lobsang takes us through a step-by-step process to train ourselves to be mindful. Starting from the basics, we build a foundation for the more advanced techniques.

We don’t need to forge ahead blindly, because the Tibetan Buddhists have spent lifetimes lighting the way. They have created a clear system for developing the powers of the mind that enable us to reach our full potential.

The wisdom and methods in this book are accessible to all, no matter your starting point. All that is needed is a desire to get the most out of life and discover your inner wisdom.

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