Tibetan Heritage


Tibet has a rich history of traditional body-mind practices ranging from studies in movement (Lu Jong Tibetan Healing Yoga and Tog Chöd Wisdom Sword) and the subtle body (Tsa Lung Breathwork and Tummo: The Inner Fire), to healing methods (Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Kum Nye Massage) and meditation.

All share common foundations in ancient lineages and Buddhist teachings; all incrementally build upon each other with the end goal of personal growth and advancement. In effect, we are opening and unblocking all of the body's physical and energetic pathways and restoring a state of harmony.

When we decide to work with ourselves in this manner, we invite opportunities for improved health, mental clarity, balanced emotions, invigorated energy and spiritual development.



Tibetan Buddhism

    Buddhism is a method for coming to know our deep inner nature, which is Wisdom. There are many methods to follow but at the core of it all are three tools to help us take control of our ultimate happiness:

    • Discipline: the ability to renounce that which doesn't help us.
    • Mindfulness: through meditation, to develop focus, awareness and calmness.
    • Alert Mind: the ability to observe things as they are, without judgement.


    Bön is the indigenous belief system of Tibet which is based upon a connection with, and reverence for, the natural environment. Bön predates Buddhism and remains active to this day.


    Tantrayana is one of the three primary paths of Buddhism in which the physical body is used as a tool to work with the mind. Also called 'the path of Transformation', we learn how the body and mind are interconnected, and practice methods to become happy with ourselves.

    Tibetan Medicine

    Tibetan Medicine is a holistic system that honors the connections between the body, mind and external environment. Each of these areas must be addressed to live a harmonious, healthy life. It is one of the world’s oldest medical systems, and  its principles remain as true and relevant today as ever.



    What To Expect from Tibetan Movement Studies

    • Increased health and happiness
    • Improved immunity to diseases
    • The opening of internal blocks so energy can flow more efficiently within us
    • More balanced emotions & body functions
    • A calm and more focused mind

    ... in sum, a more flexible Body and Mind.

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